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tapNshare Smart Business Card

It's always smart to have an edge, especially when it comes to your business cards!
Have that smart edge over everybody around you with smart tapNshare Businesscards.
Introducing the Customisable and Smart tapNshare Businesscards to share your Contact, Website, Email, Social Media and Picture by simply tapping on any device nearby..

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LED Line-Art Lamp

These Plaques could be a gift to your friends, family, or special someone, or could simply be a part of your decor and a treat for yourself. The Customisable LED Plaque is the perfect gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, or just to show yourself and your loved ones what song reminds you of them.

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Spotify Plaque Collection

Physically dedicate the song that reminds you of your friends, family, special someone, or just simply add it be a part of your decor and a treat for yourself with Customisable Spotify Plaques.

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Star Map Plaques

Capture the night sky of your special moment with the Customisable Star Map.

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Cassette Keychain

Don't shy away from dedicating a song to your loved ones with the Customisable Spotify Keychain.

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